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Discover Your Creativity By Developing Awareness

Many people think about what they are doing as a chore or as things "they have to do".

When you start thinking about these chores as a creative process, it gives you more control over the outcome.

What if you could "optimize" your day by becoming aware of what's going on in your life and enjoy more free time as a result of your creativity?

Well you can say: "I already know this!" or "I am smart enough to figure out what's best for myself." But it's key to understand that in saying this you are not just making an excuse for discovering something more important... something you are actually just not ready for at this time.

Becoming aware of your patterns has little to do with how intelligent you are. You simply are aware of it or you are not. Anybody of any level of intelligence can make this choice.

Becoming aware of your own patterns has to do with how much fearful or insecure you are to face your own nature, in which not many things are positive. But if we can open up the hood, we can re-shape some of the internal operations.

Many people are involved in some kind of a creative process during their day. Even simple things require engagement of creative thought. It is not necessary to be aware of it in order for it to happen.

Your entire day is probably made up of these things that repeat themselves from day to day. You wake up, eat, go to work, take care of all the things you need to do...

Waking up and thinking what you are going to do today doesn't have to be a chore. It can be a creative process. Your decisions determine the outcome of your day.

While most of the time this happens on auto-pilot, the benefit of becoming aware of your behavior can help you fine-tune these patterns you are engaged in... and sometimes completely change them to better ones.

You can say.. Well, I am already doing my best. . . but this is a common defense reaction that is part of your pattern of "not wanting to do new things because it's hard". If you are already doing your best, then you can't possibly do better. And if that's true, then you don't have to do any extra work.

That's true, it may appear as a lot of dirty work and who really wants to become aware of the reasons for why they do what they do?

Studies have shown that people who are open to being creative about their problem-solving approach will experience greater rewards.

You may not improve your life by 50%, but if you improve it by 15%, the cumulative effect of being better by 15% every day will have an exponential effect on improving your life.

I don't want to give you the whole "Well, if you haven't tried it... how do you know?" but, it certainly won't have a high degree of risk if you allow yourself to consider the possibility of re-designing your every day pattern.

If it doesn't work - you lose nothing. If it works, it may have a dramatic effect on your life. Most likely the latter will happen. It's been done by so many people in the past, except it may have been too late for them. All just because they have always given themselves the same excuse "I am already at my best".

So, it may be hard, but if you give it a time of day, you may be surprised at discovering the power you didn't know you had.

Doing the same thing over and over again can be depressing. Our brains are naturally addicted to finding new things to do.

When I lived in Florida, everywhere you'd go the ground was flat. The only hills in Florida are the garbage dumps.

After moving to California which is located over a diverse geography my brain was stimulated by such difference in terrain. And even though, nothing significantly new was happening, just being exposed to this diversity had a positive impact on my overall state of mind.

Does your life feel like a bunch of same things you do over and over again? Maybe you need to change your terrain from flat to something more active and turbulent to stimulate creativity.